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BMW X5M battery issue

Hi everyone
I'm asking all of you for an advice regarding the problem with my car battery.
I have 2011 BMW X5M with 18.500 miles on it with warranty. For the first time last year I noticed the "increased battery discharge" sign, I took my car to my dealer and they told me that I forgot to remove my radar detector from the slot (this is not true because I never leave it on and once the car is off it doesn't work anyways) It happened again few weeks ago and I noticed it happens always when it's cold outside. Now they told me that the key was in slot and I left my ignition on. Which again it's not true since I have a keyless entry system (smart key) so I NEVER use a key slot. They charged the battery and they told me that if it happens again they can't charge it because one of the cells is dead.
Basically they don't won't to replace the battery saying that this is my fault.
I know that there is a problem with the battery and I read that some people had it replaced. Have you ever had a similar issue and how was it resolved.
Any ideas of how to prove them that there is a battery problem.