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I've had 3 engine malfunction - reduced power events this summer in my X6 35i. All in the heat when I got back on the gas just a little after low to moderate speed cruising. The car hesitated and then the message appeared. The first time I limped all the way home and called BMW. The posited an explanation about an air in the fuel line that I bought because I coincidentally had driven a few miles the day before with my gas cap off. The next two times, I simply pulled off the road at the next convenient point, restarted the engine, and the problem was gone. Most recently I did this less than a minute into limp mode so its clearly some kind of transient event. Has any one had similar experiences? Any explanations?
I am with BMW of North America, LLC. I've passed this message on to a BMW NA Customer Relations Representative who will be in touch with you soon.
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