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Originally Posted by ideliver View Post
I've got a 2012 X6M with 125,000 miles.

Threw the dreaded 30BD requiring DME replacement. Figuring that a bad fuel injector was the culprit, I've begun the repair of replacing all of the coils and fuel injectors. Getting these injectors out is a true PIA.

Here's where the meat of the story goes.

My car is worth maybe $12,000 at trade and $15,000 private sale running. I'll be looking at turbos and valve stems in the unknown future. I love the truck and if replaced would get another one, just newer.

My friend is a BMW technician and has offered to take the car to the shop and as a side job, pull the engine and replace every gasket and seal. Replace the turbos and valve stem seals. I've already done all of the oil cooling lines. Bascically make this engine ready for another 100,000 miles. Probably in the $8,000 range.

So, is it worth another $8k (I've just spent $1k on the new dme and $2700 on inectors and coils) on a $15,000 car. Or just get it running and see when it dies.

I would probably get DPs while the engine is out.

You should have gotten another model
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