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Originally Posted by ndabunka View Post
However, I do have a question for you... Where did you get your space saver spare kit from and how much did you pay? The dealer is saying that they have to "piece it together" as there (apparently) is no single BMW part number for the kit. I have seen them available on eBay for around $285 but also heard that the dealers price will likely be around $380 but they haven't (yet) given me a price for parting it together.
Check with some of the BMW parts vendors like Circle (and others in Roundel). I'm 95% sure there is a full kit available.

Originally Posted by JNoSol View Post
Hi ndabunka, congrats on your new 35d. I don't have a space saver spare kit. I check my tire pressure twice a month and visually inspect them during fuel up. My experience is if you do run over a nail, it's usually a slow leak which the TPMS can detect. Once a leak is detected, you should have plenty of time to get it patched. Since the Contis are non-RFTs, your tire shop can patch them easily.

For long road trips I have a jack, a can of fix-a-flat, and 12v air pump with me. Tires don't just blow up on the highway like they used to. Just check your tire pressure regularly and avoid running over any road debris.
I was stranded twice in my M5 (once close to home once not so close). I'll do my best to either have run-flats or a spare in the future (have both now in the X6, neither in the 1M). Alas, my M5 wheels had a lot less sidewall (first time the rim was ruined as well). Still, I think if you don't have the 3rd row, you should really look into a spare kit.
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