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I don't know what the current money factor is , but when I negotiated for my 335xi, the money factor WAS negotiable. BMW financial sets the number, then the dealer is allowed to increase the money factor ( basically the interest rate) by 0.00005. When I was looking at my lease deals, the numbers ranged from the bmw number of 0.00225 up to 0.00230.

When you ask are negotiating the price, ask for the money factor number and ask if it is the BMW minimum, or if it is being increased by the dealership. I think it is utter crap to do this to people because they do it with out telling you. When you apply for financing, you number is based on your credit rating. Dealers don't usually mark up the financing rate. But in a lease, its another story.

Good luck. The money factor is supposed to pretty good.

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