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Photos of Black Sapphire with Black Leather


I am enjoying my new 2011 X5 Diesel very much. I sold my 2006 4.8is with
39k miles for 31k to the dealer that sold it to me. I really had concerns about going from a 4.8 to a 3.5d but I have to say that it is not an issue at all - the Diesel torque is really awesome. The main difference I feel is at take off 0-20MPH, but after that, hold on! The diesel picks up fast, I am just getting a feel for how this car runs after just 500 miles. My gas mileage is up, from 16MPG in the 4.8is, to 22.3 MPG after the first fill up. I understand once the engine gets broken in more the mileage may increase. I do mostly city driving 80% of the time.

Here is a run down of the options that I selected with some thoughts on each.

My base price listed was $51,800 plus options (MSRP)
Black Sapphire Metallic: Love Black, had it on my 4.8is- Really wanted white but the other half dislikes white- LOVE white/Tobacco too! or Carbon Black/Cinnamon - POST PHOTOS OF THESE COMBOS PLEASE
Black Nappa Leather: Love it! Had it in my 4.8is - Feels so good, looks great
Cold Weather Package: Love the heated front seats & Steering wheel - great for a bad back!!
Premium Package: The power tailgate is awesome. Kind of expensive for $3400 retail.
Premium sound package: WOW, better than my Lexus system anyday!
Rear Climate package: Love the tinted windows and screens - had to get used to the large 1 screen as my 4.8 had 2 screens. Sometimes the latch is a bit awkward and the screen comes down fast if the latch does not catch.
Tech Package: Love the rear camera, so nice to have it again, my 04 Lexus had it, but my 06 4.8 did not! The Navigation screen is very good, large screen, just takes some time to learn all the features. Basic features are easy to learn.
20" Alloys: - Did not take the spare tire option, not sure why I did not as I will be getting rid of the run flats upon their 10k wear out! I replaced them on my 4.8 after 15k miles with a non run flat tire and the ride changed for the better. Much smoother, I am in shock that the 2011 with 20's and Run flats is actually really smooth and comfortable (until you go over a speed bump too fast)
Running Boards: I think they make the car look better.
Roof Rails: Went back and forth with this option. Ended up getting them on the dealers advice. Still think I will never use them, they make the vehicle less sporty and I keep reading they are noisy - how does someone tell if they are noisy? C'mon really??
Leather Dashboard/Console: OK MY SPLURGE! I love this option! I like the look over the standard dash. Does anyone know if you can get the black leather dashboard with a lighter color interior? Photos, anyone?
Multi-Contour seats: Another splurge, they are the most comfortable seats I have ever driven in, if you have a weak or bad back they are a must along with the heated seats! So many adjustments that it actually takes several days to finally find the best position!!!
Smartphone integration: - This is my biggest concern with the car right now. I originally did not have this option, at $150 and at the advice of my SA, I ordered it. I use a Blackberry and likely will continue to do so. I have an IPOD and and IPAD. My complaint is this, correct me if I am wrong as I really dont even know exactly what is in the middle of my center console but I am about to take it OUT!! I need more space in the center console and there is a device that takes up 50% of the space - nothing I have even attaches to this device- what is it!! I think it is for an Iphone and I paid $150 for it!! I think the SA must have thought it was future resale? Can anyone share some information regarding this with me?

MSRP $69,475
I paid INVOICE + $900 in N CAL.
Received $3500 ECO Credit off the sales price
Received $2500 Holiday Credit towards my down payment
0.9 financing for 36 months
1800 Tax Credit on 2010 personal taxes
Bottom line is Net $57.525 plus tax and license fees.I got a trade in on my 06 4.8is for $31,000
Difference was about $26,525 plus tax.
I can also Section 179 the difference for 2010 taxes as it is a business vehicle.
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