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Sprint Booster V3 w/Trim Install

I just installed a Spring Booster V3 with a SBV3 Controller Mounting. Huge Kudos to Sophisticated Redneck for creating a highly detail-oriented kit for installation. My bad, I did not take a picture of the kit before tearing into it, but it comes with all the parts, fasteners, tools, and instructions. You can find more details in his thread here:

The controller mount is amazingly accurate and works perfectly. I did my best to wrap it with 3M 2080 CF vinyl wrap, but I only had a 4"x6" sample size and had to make it work with that..don't look too closely.

Test Fit after a bit of test wrapping. I have the leather CF oem trim and this 3M CF vinyl is close but a bit more glossy than the OEM trim.
Name:  IMG_3959_3M 2080 CF.jpg
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Final wrap and Assembly of the SBV3 Controller into Mount:
Name:  IMG_3959_SBV3 Controller.jpg
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Name:  IMG_3959_SBV3 Controller-Back.jpg
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I used a piece of tubing b/c it was a bit more rigid than string to find a path from the trim panel to the accelerator pedal:
Name:  IMG_3974_SBV3 Install1.jpg
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Name:  IMG_3974_SBV3 Install2.jpg
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Run the cable under the carpet trim to the pedal area. I'm skipping the part about removing the pedal assembly to install the rest of the SBV3 pigtail, as it's covered in the Spring Booster instructions. The pedal can be removed by remove torx bolt at the base of the pedal (after removing the tiny circular trim cap), then lift pedal assembly UP along the line of the floorboard/carpet.
Name:  IMG_3974_SBV3 Install3.jpg
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The oem pedal assembly has a small notch that kinda holds the controller cable in place.
Name:  IMG_3974_SBV3 Install4.jpg
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All Done!
Name:  IMG_3974_SBV3 Install5.jpg
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Really great work and detail by Sophisticated Redneck on this controller mount. As always, he's a wealth of knowledge. Thanks!
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