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Universal Steering Wheel Cover

Just thought I'd share this universal steering wheel cover I bought for my wife's Honda Pilot. She wanted a thicker steering wheel and continued function of the heated steering wheel feature. It's slightly thicker and heater function remains, so a nice perforated leather product for $15.99.

They have several color and material variations, but his is what I purchased:
Carodi Leather Steering Wheel Cover, Breathable Non-Slip Design, Soft and Comfortable Feeling, Universal 15 Inch Auto Car Steering Wheel Stitch on Wrap(Size M+, Black)

If you have a third generation Honda Pilot (2016-Present), then you need to disconnect the negative battery cable, remove the two hex screws on either side of the steering wheel which allows the airbag to be lifted up. I disconnected the horn (top) cable on the airbag by pressing the tab and removing clip. I left the airbag connections alone and folder the airbag over so it sat on top of the steering column. Next you have to loosen the steering wheel trim so you can fit the leather steering wheel cover under the trim. Remove or loosen three phillips screws on each side. The top is easiest as access is from the front behind where the airbag sits. The middle one took me forever to figure out a tool to remove. The access hole is behind the steering wheel, in the same cutout to access the airbag hex screws, but perpendicular. My phillips were either too bulky, too short, or too long. It was a pain. The lowest screw is accessible from behind the steering wheel and appears to be captured, so loosen only. This resulted in just enough play for me to pry the trim enough to fit the leather cover under. PM me if you need more detail.

I'm super slow so don't go by me...but I spent about 90m prepping and trying to figure out how to remove the Honda steering wheel trim...way too complicated design to pop off trim, terrible. I just ended up loosening the screws and prying the trim. And then about 90m stitching. Takes some patience and you don't want to be interrupted, lol.

Honda OEM Steering Wheel
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IF you skip every other stitch, you'll get the same style of stitching found on the bmw steering wheels. If you look close on your ///M steering wheel the stitching thread is purple...mine is obv. black below and you can order with red stitching.
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