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Originally Posted by northern2020 View Post
Ok guys, just got my first \"High Battery Drain\" message this evening on my 2011 X5 M.

Please feel free to post if you have had this message, and how your dealer went about diagnosing and fixing this error.

Thanks for your info....
I started getting these on my 2010 at about 17,000. At first the dealer serviced the battery and deep charged it over night. Seemed to solve it for a couple months then when it started getting cold the error came back. Car would only stay on in accessory for one minute then turn off.

BMW tested the battery and determined it would only hold 20% charge. They replaced the battery under warranty and it has been fine since.

I'm not convinced this is faulty batteries or something faulty in elctrical system or alternator, I suppose time will tell if this battery dies as well.

good luck,