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I have the JB4 installed in my 2009 X6 35i (N54) and I have been happy with the added power. It took about 15 mins to install and I know I should have, but I have never taken it out. I have been to the dealership a few times for regular scheduled maintenance service, and the warranty has not been voided ... yet.

It could be that I just happen to have a mod friendly dealership, but I have not run into warrany issues sice I had the JB4 chip installed over 2 years ago.

I do agree with other posts on this thread about the Dinan warranty versus the no Warranty concerning the JB4. I took the risk, and if you are willing to do the same, the increase in power is definitely noticable. You can always remove the JB4 before you take your car in for service if you decide on getting it over the Dinan.

I started a thread about my experience with the JB4 on the general Talk sectoin of this forum back when I had it installed. If you want more information on it, you could always do a search there. Either way, good luck!
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