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Originally Posted by Jess///M
Go through the BMW dealer and get the Dinan. Warranty makes it worth it. Never heard of JB4. Dinan is well-known. There are lots of threads on this subject with good info. I would do a search to get a good perspective on all of the opinions.
Good info. I'd just add that JB4 gets a lot of write-ups on the 335 boards.

Vlad, definitely do a search here and on those boards. The basic info is that Dinan's warranty is probably better for those who (like you and me) are newer to mods and need more peace of mind before tinkering with our cars. Note it's a parallel warranty to BMW's, which conceivably means both BMW *and* Dinan could reject warranty claims by pointing the finger at each other. If it came to that, I'd just sue both of them and let them try to prove to a jury that it's the other party's fault (similar to construction defect litigation), but I'm pretty comfortable in the legal arena and others might not be as ok with that. The JB4, as you've hinted, carries no warranty but is quite cheaper, so really depends on your risk/reward tolerance.

Either way, good luck to you!