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Originally Posted by Sylvan Lake V35 View Post
Mine looked the same way when I got it. OEM style 214 20" wheels is a good start, OEM fender flares from the 20" wheel package, BMW performance grills (black), tint the red rear bumper reflectors and the orange front fender reflectors. If that's not enough lower it and Lux angle eyes spruce it up a little more.

The day I got it

With just the 214 wheels added

Lowered with fender flared and 214s tinted front bumper reflectors

BMW performance grills

The rear red reflectors tinted as well as the tail lights have a very slight tint

Here you can see the white angle eyes vs the usual yellow.

I also added 25mm wheel spacers to the back to make it look a little more aggressive.

Wow amazing car! I love the mods you've done with it! I think the first thing I need to do is invest in some tints, and then some side skirts! Hopefully this will be a good project, and with your help achieve a good looking BMW x5