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Performance of 2009 BMW X6 xDrive35i E71 (n54)

Hi gents,

I owned in the past an e92 335 (2009) vehicle with the n54 engine - was very (very) happy with the performance results I achieved with minor bolt on changes and a flash tune (CAI/DP/FMIC/tune) - ended up selling that car a few years back to a mate - regret that decision till this day..

Anyhow fast forward a few years and I noticed a 2008 BMW X6 xDrive35i E71 pop for sale nearby - I’ve never owned a SUV before and wondering if it is the same engine as the e92? And whether it respond similarly to minor bolt ons as my other N54?

Would appreciate any advice from members who have the standard bolt ons on their x6 n54 and are getting good results. If they are running the same power plant why are the 0-60 times for the SUV so much slower compared to the e92 (7sec vs 5sec) - is it a weight difference in the SUV? To what extent does that weight difference hinder the expected performance gains from bolt ons?

Sorry if some of these questions are a bit “novice” - I have never owned an SUV before and getting another coupe prolly wont go down well with the missus

Advice appreciated, thanks