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Used a strip cut from a drop cloth hooked around the belt to maneuver the stretch belt successfully on to the pulleys. I had the rag wrapped around the belt and positioned the belt on to the top side of the pulley and around the main crank pulley. While pushing the rag and the belt towards the back left corner of the engine bay (towards the pulley in the direction of rotation) I turned the crank counter-clockwise. After each slight rotation, I had to guide the belt on to the bottom of the crank pulley so the belt would not twist and end up partially upside down. After it was on I had to muscle the belt on to the last track while rotating the crank so it would be in the correct position. It all worked out, however I did damage a cheap belt doing some practice runs and ended up using an OEM belt that appeared way sturdier which is not surprising. Overall, I managed this without buying the $150+ installation tool and the belt is on there free of any damage. Hope this helps some of you DIYers save a few bucks on a tool you'll only use once or twice. I tried and returned a couple cheap stretch belt jigs that did not fit or work at all. I attached a picture of the free piece of cloth I used. It is a drop cloth and is very thin, sturdy and not stretchable. Good luck.
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