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If you compare BMW wheels, it depends on wheels and tires but not a lot.

For example, there is no BMW 22" rim for X6s so I will compare 19" with run flats vs 21" with non run flats.

Style 212 - 19" and Style 128 - 21" look similar.

Style 212 with O.E. Run Flat - Front Wheel
34.392 lbs + 40 lbs = 74.392 lbs

Style 128 with Non Run Flat - Front Wheel
41.447 lbs + 31 lbs = 72.447 lbs

------------------------> 1.945 lbs different

21" with non run flats is lighter but not a lot.
I just compare two BMW wheels and tires and I'm pretty sure there are many aftermarket 22" rims which are not heavy, maybe lighter than 41.447 lbs

Originally Posted by Biff Grissel View Post
lol slower? howso? the stock 20" run flats weigh alot more than a 1 piece set of 22"s with non rtf's. so if anything ur truck will be faster. the answer to ur question is no, but ur ride may be slightly more rigid with a bigger wheel.