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I will be posting pics as soon as I find time to wash it; driving through Fresno and Bakersfield does a number on your grill with all the bugs. I was told by the head engineer at Dinan that they don't do dyno data for all wheel drive vehicles, can anyone verify that for me? The $25K was figured by including labor on top of the products and parts they provided (Brakes alone were $15K), and as part of our agreement, they fixed some previous damage to the front end. The Dinan badge is still awarded on points, but since they won't be offering enough upgrades for the X6 to accumulate the points neccessary, I was told I would be the only one. Getting the badge was a big deal, especially since the work they did on my car wouldn't have added up to enough points, but it was a part of what we negotiated pior, so they did it very reluctantly.