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Originally Posted by 9vapors View Post
My problem was that I had bolts welded in on the bottom, but they weren't welded straight... i had to keep taking them off and hammering the bolts to straighten them to fit the lower flange. If they had been welded straight, it would have been much easier. Also, the flex flange helped. If I had a second set of hands to push down while I pulled up, and a third set to screw the vband down all at the same time, it would have gone easier. That and a lift and a real mechanic and correct tools. here was my install thread... I don't have any pics, but you can see the bolts welded in on another users pipes. The ULtimate Racing ones come with studs and supposedly fit 100% perfect. But they're 2x more than the VRSF ones.
Downpipe Install
I know its been a while since you posted this but I had a question regarding O2 sensor fitment. is the placing the same a the original downpipes so that you can use the factory heatshield and connect the O2 directly to the harness?

I bought Racing Dynamic headers about 2 years ago and found out the had horrible fitment and O2 sensor where not place in the correct position. making me some what use an harness extender to connect from the original engine harness to the O2 sensor and I still get the check engine light because of this, and now im looking to get rid of them and install something that fits correctly.