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David Toronto

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X5 Won't Start - Security / Key Issue ?

I have a 2002 X5 4.4L. In January, it would not start. I towed it to my non-BMW mechanic who said the computer indicated the car was ready to start, but it could not detect a valid key. The battery was fully charged, but it would not turn over (starter solenoid and cables from battery were fine). Mysteriously, the car started a day or two later.

A month later, my car completely shut down while I was driving. The engine stopped running, but again the battery was fine. This time I towed it to the BMW dealership where I bought it. They could not figure out the issue.

There also seems to be a battery drain. Both mechanics had to charge the battery a couple of times over the course of a few days. The battery is less than a year old. Over the last few years, the batteries frequently went dead after a week or two of not driving it (when I was traveling). A couple of days later, the car just started like normal.

The BMW dealership doesn't have a clue what is wrong with it and I am not sure if they seem motivated to find out.

Can anyone point me in a direction? It would be greatly appreciated. It is cold hear in Toronto and I don't want to break down an hour away from home with my kids in the car.

Thank you.
David from Toronto