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Originally Posted by AndyGF View Post
Defensive aren't we? While im no one-track minded fanboy; I am interested to hear which post BMW 1500 designed four-door or indeed coupe BMW (ie: roadsters dont have C pillars) was without the kink?

I fear I shall never get an answer though; even a response to such a question would counter-prove the aforementioned 'haters' own argument... "grasping at straws"
you added an additional bit "no roadsters"...and I'm much too lazy to look through pages of images to find a non-roadster that meets the criteria. (I have no clue if it exists).

There's your reply.

I'm no hater, I just find it comical that this thread even exists "OMG, BMW designed this turn in the trim of a window...everyone is Copying them, WOW, what a visionary"....that's just silly talk.

How can you be sure that Mr Hofmeister didn't just "copy" the design of the 1957 Chevy? or some other old car that has yet to be mentioned. Designers of all cars use other cars as one point of their inspiration...saying that "everyone is copying BMW" is just an arrogant comment that I find hilarious. (I enjoy our BMW, and am planning on buying another...they are great cars...but this thread just made me laugh.)