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Originally Posted by -c- View Post
Fans yes, fanboys that are supposed to eat up anything that the company throws at them no...

I've been a Bmw enthusiast since the e30 and 2002 but I'll be dammed if you see me in any new bmw as of late except maybe the 8 series. Or the X3m looks ok but for the most part the new BMW's are just lost.

And this is coming from someone who had owned an i3 !

The new design management in bmw is either going to foster then to new greatness or be a very big design flop the public will decide that with their wallets.
Agreed to let the customers speak. Each has their own apple and we know what BMW engineering has delivered so I can't wait for an all electric option that has a range exceeding 400mi. Anyone who is on this is a fanboy and I would like to believe ultimately wants to see the best. Like others I am keeping the popcorn ready for September.