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2012 BMW X6M Akrapovic Turbo-back Exhaust, H&R springs and more..

On this X6M it was decided that it not only needed to be faster but also lighter while turning heads at the same time. Luckily for our customer the Evolution exhaust, Active Autowerke ECU Upgrade and H&R springs, the first parts on the to do list, will allow us to do just that.

All stock:

Parts List:

Active Autowerke ECU Upgrade
Down Pipes by Akrapovic
Evolution Exhaust by Akrapovic
Carbon Fiber Tips by Akrapovic
H&R Springs
Hamann Roof Spoiler
Hamann Rear Spoiler
Vorsteiner Front Carbon Spoiler

To start things off it was time to get the stock exhaust system off the X6M and get it breathing better. To do this everything past the turbos was removed to make way for the Evolution Turbo-back system. This system not only flows smother and louder but is also much lighter. The whole system, excluding down-pipes, is constructed from light weight titanium including the muffler and carbon fiber tips. As a result of all the titanium the whole Evolution exhaust system is lighter than the factory muffler on it's own.... On to the install.

Stock system

Wonder what could be in here?

And of course our Carbon Fiber/Titanium tips

After the stock exhaust system was removed, all at once due to the factory system in all made into one large unit, it was time to move on to the down-pipes. Once the engine cover is removed we can access the down-pipes...well the heat shield for starters

With the heat shields off we can see the stock down-pipes and turbos

Ready for the new turbo-back system

Stock vs New

New DP's in place

After re-installing the sensors, heat shields and engine cover the rest of the system was installed.

Finished off with the new tips

Part 2 of the exhaust comes by way of ECU upgrade due to the down-pipes being cat-less the ECU has to be re-calibrated. Active Autowerke not only has a ECU upgrade to take care of that but will also give a nice gain in over all performance.

The ECU was removed, re-calibrated with the new software and reinstalled:

After the power and sound were taken care of it was time to move on to the handling. A set of H&R springs will work perfectly to not only get the X6M closer to the ground but also provides a nice smooth ride.

New springs

New rear links

Stock springs vs. New H&R Springs

New look after springs

With Phase 1 completed this X6M has become it's own monster, but it is nowhere near completed just yet. Once the Hamann and Vorsteiner spoilers are painted and ready to be installed phase 2 will begin

Click here to see the complete build with 116 images of this build.

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