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Originally Posted by shah269 View Post
How did it get boring?
expensive sure
I mean that's like saying sunset skydives are dull?
shucks just the other day a new wing suit fell on me for all of $400.
I mean how can i say no?
The main reason I was skydiving so much was to eventually become a BASE jumper. So I focused on tracking and canopy work a lot. I did like the sit flying and stuff, and the night jumps - loved the night jumps - but I never cared for big group jumps and holding hands and all that. Most of my jumps were solos with my goal of BASE in mind.

When I decided to give up the BASE dream for a woman (now my wife, can't exactly say I regret it, unless we argue and then I say I'm going to BASE jump hahahaha) and returned my BASE rig which I had just purchased and not even jumped once, I kind of felt like my skydiving no longer had a purpose. I mean, I didn't have anything else I wanted to attain with it. So that's why it got boring.