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Hi DbloX5,
I had the same issue including SatNav working but no sound, took X5 to my BMW mech. He turned the ignition off, removed and reinstalled the #7 fuse in glovebox, checked radio. Still didn't work, so then he turned ignition off again and opened up fuse box in cargo bay and removed and reinstalled the #72 & #73 fuses and turned radio on and it worked. No probs, he told me that when the battery gets low then it starts sending items into sleep mode to protect major components as noted earlier by pmelche. He also said another problem is if water gets into the radio control module, it wil blow and then needs to be replaced. The radio control module is near the battery under the spare wheel.
Hope this helps.

yep my radio in my 2001 X5 died also. I didnt know all this stuff so I had it all ripped out, then had a new pioneer head unit and 4 new door speakers installed.

I have the factory 6 disk changer in the back, it is still hooked up, and I want my old cd's out so I can play them on my new deck. I press the blue eject button...and nothing. The nav system (just above the changer in the rear rack) is on and illuminated, so i took the screws out that hold the rack. I see tons of wires back there, and the sat nav thing is plugged in, but there are no open holes on the cd changer that should have wires in do I get power to the changer so I can eject the old cd's?