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DIY LCI rear bumper removal for trailer hitch install

I decided to take on the challenge of installing my own trailer hitch b/c I didn't want the dealer to cut a big gaping hole in my bumper...

tools needed
plastic riveter
sharp point to remove rivets
8mm ratchet/socket
18mm socket
17mm socket

1)remove first 3 rivets from the rear fender flare, and pop off the flare on both sides. Remove the 8mm bolt hidden under the fender

2)remove the rear reflector lights underneath the taillights and remove the 8mm bolt

3)from underneath remove 6 8mm bolts located along the bumper.

4)open your bottom tailgate at a 45* angle and notice the tabs. self explanatory but pull apart the tabs squeezing the tab and lift out.

5)from the fenders, grab the bumpers and pull towards you. do this to both sides. make sure not to warp the bumper while pulling. distribute the forces

6)now from the rear of the vehicle pull on the corner adjacent the taillights until they pop

7)from the rear center pull your bumper until it slides off.

Hitch install is pretty self explanatory from there so I'll save my time on that write up, but here is the finished product

I bent the harness down so that it can be accessed fromthe bottom but can't be seen from the rear

I cut my bumper using a box knife, which allowed for a clean cut w/o edges

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