Thread: from 335 to X6.
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Originally Posted by TMR View Post
I am getting to the point of letting go of my stage 3++ 335i and i am considering a X6 3.5. I drove it and it feels good and i know i can move my proceed over. I am just worried about going from a full coilovers, sway bars, LSD, and great handling and getting a X6. Am i crazy? What are your thoughts?
My friends owns the 5.0 version and that thing is a beast. So damn fast and the handling for an SAV is excellent. Way more comfortable of a ride than 3 series will ever be. Think 400 horses and no need to slow down for potholes.

I'm sure 3.5 is also plenty fast, especially with a tune. I say go for it. Not to mention that interior is a major step up from e90s.