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Originally Posted by foofitr View Post
I'm waiting for a couple of other scuffs to be fixed and for some extras I purchased like a bamboo wood shifter and steering wheel to arrive before I wash and take pics. As for the stage my car is currently in, you are preaching to the choir. When I volunteered my X6 for this project I was told the process could take anywhere from 3 -12 weeks, what a joke! So yes, I thought my car would be at Stage 2, at a minimum, about 5 months ago. I was told by their head engineer that a mandatory BMW software update for all X6's caused more of a delay over recent weeks, but who knows. Don't hold your breath on being able to purchase anything from Dinan for the X6 anytime soon, they have a lot they still want to figure out with exhaust and tuning, and they don't seem to be approaching any of this like it's a priority
Just kidding about the pixs BTW. I know you'll post as soon as you can.

Yeah, the bad economy has put the brakes on a lot of things. Today, I stumbled on BMW's announcement from a few months ago about their decision not do a e89 Z4 M. I knew about it for some time, but I'm sure I was the last person in the world to read the actual text.

But what was interesting in that same article is the BMW spokesperson said the decisions ("sign off") to do the X5 and X6 M had occurred before the economy really tanked. I gathered they decided at least 2 years ago, which says we're lucky that they even continued with the M production. Makes me wonder about 2011 production, and what these M's might be worth some day. Certainly any US company would have killed them at the first sign of a weakening economy.

Obviously those same issues have to be affecting Dinan's company as well. He's probably assessed US demand (X5 / X6) right now and prioritized other vehicles. At least you got to drive his car during that time, so it wasn't a total loss for you.