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I'm waiting for a couple of other scuffs to be fixed and for some extras I purchased like a bamboo wood shifter and steering wheel to arrive before I wash and take pics. As for the stage my car is currently in, you are preaching to the choir. When I volunteered my X6 for this project I was told the process could take anywhere from 3 -12 weeks, what a joke! So yes, I thought my car would be at Stage 2, at a minimum, about 5 months ago. I was told by their head engineer that a mandatory BMW software update for all X6's caused more of a delay over recent weeks, but who knows. Don't hold your breath on being able to purchase anything from Dinan for the X6 anytime soon, they have a lot they still want to figure out with exhaust and tuning, and they don't seem to be approaching any of this like it's a priority