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Originally Posted by shenard View Post
I was referring to what is currently available in the US for current models of the X6. If I recall, I think the new iDrive will not have full Internet browsing but a partnership with Google to just search for locations on their site and they navigate to them. I could be wrong though. Haven't researched that much about the new iDrive beacuse, unfortunately, my new '09 did not have the new iDrive.

What no new iDrive and you ordered it anyway , what's this forum coming too..hehe

Anyway.. first I read it was going to be full browsing capabilities then just search then sounded like full. Maybe someone that has/gets new iDrive can tell us what it supports.

Update: shenard looks like you are correct USA will not get full browser, excerpt from recent review on new 7 series:
"The only AWOL option is the full Internet access available to Europeans. For now, liability concerns will keep Americans from posting chocolate-covered-baby photos on Facebook while at the wheel. But next year, BMW will roll out the first all-wheel-drive 7-Series in the model's five generations."

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