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Originally Posted by x6apollon View Post
connected drive is a service from BMW that works with the integrated GPS and sim card of the car. It knows where you are and BMW recommends places of interest or sends assistance if you get in trouble. One of the services offered is BMW online which is basically an internet portal. If you see pictures on the bmw website it has Google on the dashboard screen. It looks cool but cannot get it to work. It says no 'SIM card installed' and do not know where to install one.
Just out of curiosity I did a goggle for the sim card and basically got the same info you have which is ppl don't know where it's at, either. I had previously downloaded the 2009 user's manual in PDF format and searched for sim card and the only reference found had to do with enabling bluetooth, and it basically said the "numbers stored on your sim card or you cell phone" without any reference to where it's at.

This you probably you already know. My first thought is maybe the previous owner took it (could be wrong, but I assume you bought your x6 used since it's a 2008) However, you mention the sim card is in the ecu, which in my experience are not typically user accessible. I bet the dealers or someone like is the only who get at it.

Maybe the sim card in your vehicle is not activated? Maybe it needs a monthly service account and then the computer will recognize it as "installed".

I know it's not much help since I know considerably less than you do about it, but the problem made me very curious about the function.