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Originally Posted by bak View Post
I am sure you will get the factory mirror/remote to work, it will just take some persistence. This is printed from my wife's car.
Hope this helps:

"Canadian radio-frequency laws require transmitter signal to time out or quit after several seconds of transmission. This may not be long enough for Universal Home Remote to pick up the signal during programming. If you live in Canada and are having difficulty programming replace step 3 under programming with the following.

Continue to press and hold the Universal Home Remote button while you press and release every two seconds (cycle) the hand-held transmitter buton until the frequency signal has been successfully accepted by the Universal Home Remote. The Universal Remote indiocator light will flash slowly at first and then rapidly. Proceed with step 4 under "Programming Universal Remote" to complete".

I am not sure if these operation #s will align with the manual in the BMW. I know I had a hell of a time and not till I called 1.800.355.3515 was I able to get it working. It also references If you decide to call, do it from the car near the door/gate that you are trying to program. I have never not been able to get it going when I called. This includes a H2, Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT, VW Touareg and of course X6.


Sorry I just realized you are not from Monteal, Canada. I doubt the 800 # I gave you will work.
I guess the only thing left is to see if you can get a number for your area or the website. Good Luck
Thanks for the information BAK. Good info to keep in mind

I think watoowatoo lives in Montreal AND Tehran ?!?
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