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Originally Posted by dc2 View Post
Hi Mate, I've got a x5 E70 2009 WITH OUT Xenons, if you ask the dealer for an exploded view diagram of the headlamp it shows you the location of the angel eye bulb (the diagram shows both the xenon and the non-xenon on the same diagram). But it doesn't list what type of bulb it is, just a part number. You'll will see a black rectanglier plastic cap in between the main and the dipped beam cover (at the back of the lamp, under the bonnet) held on by 3 or 4small screws. The bulb looks like a 501 sat in a small reflector but not sure, I'll be removing mine when the weather improves. The main beam is a H1, the dipped beam is a H7 and the fogs H11. I've got a Xenon kit (proper one with the ballast) for the H7 and all the others have been upgraded using the standard bulb but xenon gas. The upgrade kit in the halogen lamp is far better than the factory xenons (i've had 2 other E70 with the factory xenons). Will be posting info when it's done.
Hi there,
Thanks for the reply...

I installed the H7 HID on my e70, and it works great...
As you said, i can see the rectangle thing behind the headlight, it looks like the same as the e90...but i just couldn't get into that part...would you have any idea how i can reach the rectangle thing?
Thanks in advance...