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No wonder BMW figured out this "park first, then watch" system. I was turning home from seaside last summer, at night, quite heavy traffic on highway at 1 AM (doh). . me tired and driving the Touareg, the slightly drunk owner of the car wanted to watch a B-class kung fu movie on the after market LCD screen. .while his girlfriend in the back complained about cold feet (she was in a mini skirt, no sock, sandals) (I was cracking the window for my smoke going off). Since I did martial arts for 17 years, naturally I couldn't refrain from dropping an eye (more than often) on the screen on the dash. .After hundreds more kiais and kicks and punches and flip-flaps I told my friend we need to shut down that focker because I really cannot focus anymore on the bulging traffic. .So we shut it down. . .so that we can arrive alive at home.