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Originally Posted by dmlgc View Post
I was wondering if anyone has experience with their BMW dealer and an X6 extended warranty. The price quoted by my dealer is $5k.
My X3 had cost around 2K, but they messed up the paperwork and didn't include it with my loan price (which I wanted to do because my loan is "insured" in case i get laid off...unfortunately. So it covers me up to 6 months if I'm unemployed the bank pays my payments for me) and when I went to drop the check they said that they didn't know I wanted the warranty, since I kept the origional buyers order that stated that I wanted the warranty they put me on a no interest plan where I make 18 payments or something and the 20%down that I needed to pay for the coverage off the bat, they covered (a little over 200 bux) because they messed up and screwed me a little bit. I ended up squeezing a few free oil changes out of the service department also. I dunno if I got a better deal or not, but that's just what happened to me. It wasn't 5K though, unless they are trying to give you the BEST extended warranty... mine covers everything but audio and consumables (tires, bulbs)