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Originally Posted by Chiggy View Post
The owner's manual should explain how to replace the bulb and what type of bulb it is. I just replaced by H8's with superwhites. They make the spot quite tight to work around. There should be a twist cap behind each headlamp assembly and that's where you would remove the bulb (assuming non-xenon is the same set up).

Here's a link to the bulbs.

Good luck.
I don't think the set up for xenon and non-xenon set up are the most of the people from the forum said that the bulb should be place under the twist cap of the headlamp, but unfortunately i can't find any bulb for angel eye...i actually open the twist cap and turn on the angel eye, and find out that the lights comes from somewhere else...

can someone please confirm that if the non xenon and xenon headlights use different bulbs?Thanks...

Would it be this kind of bulb?

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