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Originally Posted by footie View Post
Only yesterday did the dealer confirm that his X6 should be available for July though still had no firm exact date on this. He was told that the first models to be released in the UK will be the 3.0tt(petrol), 3.0tt(diesel) and the 4.4tt(petrol). Has anyone else heard similar reports?
That's not quite accurate. Here are the details. Launch date in the UK is 31st May, but I believe it to be 19th April in Germany. My car is due for build in a month or so's time.

35d - build begins - Jan 2008 - deliveries from - 31st May 2008

35i - build begins - Apr 2008 - deliveries from - 31st May 2008

30d - build begins - Apr 2008 - deliveries from - 31st May 2008

50i - build begins - Oct 2008 - deliveries from - Q4 2008

All dealer demo cars will be the 35d and will be specced and supplied to dealers ready for the May retail launch events.

UK confirmed prices OTR;

35d - 44,135

35i - 42,625

30d - 41,995

50i - to be defined