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OP I have run DINAN, ESS and now currently VELOS.

They all have their benefits and improvements on the M model for the X series.

From mild to wild this is my ranking:

1) Dinan
2) ESS

ESS and VELOS in my opinion provide the biggest response in the mid range. Velos seems pull alot harder than the ESS and DINAN tunes above 4k RPM.

When I switched from ESS to VELOS it was merely I just wanted to see if the numbers provided are valid and I wanted something a bit more aggressive. Please note, I have not dynoed the car so I am only going off my butt and feel of the vehicle. Personally, that is all I care about.

I love DINAN and ESS. My E90 M3 is ESS SC and all Dinan drivetrain, suspension, interior, etc.

I have been wry happy with Omar and Velos. Just got a goodie in thesis today from OMAR!!! See pic attached!!!
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