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Originally Posted by ItaliaM3 View Post
I was about to pull the trigger and order a new X6 5.0. Then my SA indicated that in April BMW would be the first month of the 2014 model (built in April and delivered in May). Not the redesigned X6 mind you, just the last year of the current model run.

So here are my questions:
1. Does April sound right for the 2014 model?

2. Any ideas what may be added to the 2014 vs the 2013? Maybe finally white angel eyes? Maybe performance aero kit added as an option?

3. How will lease rate compare on a 2013 ordered now versus on a 2014 in a month or so.

4. Finally, would you wait a month to get the 2014 if you were in my shoes?

1. Yes, this is correct and was the same for 2013's. The entire production schedule is posted on BimmerFest and confirms this.

2. No idea, doubt there will be much at this point. As mentioned above get the LED headlights, they are stunning and set the car apart from anything else.

3. No one can possibly know this but I can say when I was looking to get a 2013 (first of the LCI X6) when production just started, the deals in general weren't very good as demand was high. That doesn't mean it will be the same with the '14's though. No one really knows, though.

4. If you don't need to have a car for another month it makes sense to wait and have one MY newer vehicle, unless you have a stellar sub invoice deal on a 2013 now. If you will be without a car (current lease ending for example) and need one then weigh that in to your decision.