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Originally Posted by heart_doctor View Post
I currently have an e92 m3 (which is sitting in my garage) and have thought about trading for an x6 or x6m, is it worth doing? And is it worth going for the M version? I live in upstate NY.
If I can provide some thoughts... keep the M3 and consider a winter car (The X6 is not bad for this purpose). No matter what you will hate driving one car depending on the seasons (I could not imagine driving the M3 right now in the snow and somewhat enjoy the X6*). But on those nice days, there is nothing like having a sports car. I picked up a 1M because I missed driving a car so much - it sits in my garage on a charger right now waiting for a nice day with no salt on the roads. I can't wait.

*The X6 comes with crappy tires for the winter. Mine are the 19" Bridgestones and they are horrific in the snow/ice. Horrific. If you go with the 20" wheels/tires, you get a nicer look, but summer only tires.

So as wzj519 points out, the X6 (at least the way it comes from the factory) is not a winter beast without a little help of some new tires.
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