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Looks ok but something is not right with the #'s ---

7 MSD's @ 1150 = 8050;

That means you've got 5450 toward inceptions which sounds like some definite cap cost reduction is going on, over $3k worth. Unless you're in an up-front tax on leases state, then maybe it makes more sense but I can't help there.

You need to provide more #'s, what it the actual sales price, what is MF before MSD's, and what other fees. I think the residual for January 12k was 54%, not sure what it is for February though.

Looks like they are burying some cap cost reduction to get the payment looking good.

I'd say with these unknowns it's an OK/decent deal, not a bad deal, but just make sure you know where the money's going because $5450 for tags and fees isn't right.

Edit: Assuming 36 months (you didn't say) I just ran #'s on my own and yours and actually any way you slice it, this is a good deal. At 103k MSRP, 54% residual, MF of 0.00125 (last month's) - MSD's (so final MF of 0.00076) the selling price would need to be around 91500 or so to get the payment below $1200/mo. So even if part of your $13.5k inceptions (let's say $3k) is actually cap cost reduction, that means they're still giving you the car around 94500 which is possibly below invoice or at least right there. I'd still check the exact #'s though to be sure but looks solid. It is 36 months right?

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