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Racing Season is coming soon. Be safe with Racetech racing seats from GMP Performance

Safety is a serious matter.

That’s why the expert team at Racetech is passionate about the tiny details of seats, harnesses and other vital components of your racing machine that really do make a difference in terms of safety. We all know of at least one serious accident that has resulted in extensive damage to vehicles and injury to crew. While we need to accept that vehicle damage is an ever-present risk in a sport which pushes the boundaries, we must do all we can to reduce the likelihood of injury to you, the motorsports competitors of the world. Fortunately, we can reduce or eliminate injury with sensible seat selection, well-engineered and sensible seat mounting , well thought out harness mounting , use of head & neck restraints and good well placed rollcage padding.

And this is where Racetech and David Black come in.
Motorsport safety is David Black's passion. Over the last 8 years, David has been involved with numerous crash-testing programs for the FIA standard, along with development testing with race teams and car manufacturers. During this time, David has continuously strived to learn from this experience so Racetech can offer product that continually enhances crew safety.

Some simple facts about motorsport crashes:
- If you support the human body well enough in the right places and keep all parts of the body in the same relationship to each other, a body can withstand enormous decelerations with minimal or no injuries. 100G is quite survivable.
- The four parts of the body which need this support are the head, shoulders, pelvis and thighs.
- Lateral/side impacts cause more serious injuries than frontal impacts.
- The body should be stopped as close to the chassis deceleration as possible.
- Only 20% of body movement in a frontal deceleration is in belt stretch; the balance is body reconfiguration.

Keeping these facts and FIA standards of safety all in mind, the Racetech line was designed and perfected. And it’s working! Using a crash recorder in the field, they have measured an 81G lateral impact during use of a Racetech seat in a New Zealand motorsport class. The driver had no injury ... and the seat had no damage! This, to Racetech, is the definition of success.

The same principles that contribute to the intense safety in the whole field of the Swedish TTA, 26 out of 28 Australian V8 Supercars, the FIA World Rally Championship, the British Touring Car Championship and in offshore powerboat racing can be in your vehicle as well.

The 129 Series

Surpassing the stringent demands of the FIA 8862-2009 standard, the 129 series is Racetech’s no compromise pro-motorsport seat. Adept at cradling Bathurst winners and most of the V8 supercar competition, there is none better when it comes to comfort and safety.

Comes in wide and wide/tall models and a heavier fiberglass, carbon and Kevlar shell or lighter Kevlar and carbon shell.
  • FIA homologated to the new 8862-2009 standards Back-fixing strengthens the chassis and enhances driver ‘feel’
  • Latest ‘Hans-compatible’ head restraint technology
  • Air ducting at the lower back reduces driver core temperature
  • Energy absorbing foam in critical areas
  • Personal foam inserts available for unsurpassed comfort
  • Brackets included for side mounting and back-fixing
  • Includes fixing bosses at the head and shoulder for side nets
  • 3D CAD model can be supplied (conditions apply)

The 119 Series

Building upon the successful 129 series, Racetech offers the same ergonomic form and incredible feature set but in a lighter and more affordable package. Used by many professional teams at both national and international level. Compliant with FIA 8855-1999 standards.

Comes in wide, tall, and wide/tall models and a heavier heavier fiberglass, carbon and Kevlar shell or lighter Kevlar and carbon shell.
  • FIA homologated to 8855-1999 standards
  • Latest ‘Hans-compatible’ head restraint technology
  • Air ducting at the lower back reduces driver core temperature
  • Energy absorbing foam in critical areas
  • Designed with back-fixing capability for increased safety and enhanced driver feel
  • Personal foam inserts available for unsurpassed comfort
  • 3D CAD model can be supplied (conditions apply)

The 4000 series

A classic design. Similar in shape to the RT1000, but wider overall and with flared thigh support, this racing seat suits a larger build. Featuring suede wear protection in both the shoulder and thigh areas and a racing-heritage inspired quilted centre panel. Your choice of black, blue or red fire-retardant fabric
  • Fibreglass shell construction with a black glossy gel-coat. Other colours available by special order
  • Grey suede wear patches reduce damage to high-wear areas
  • Relaxed thigh support for easy access
  • Suitable for road or competition use
  • FIA homologated to 8855-1999 standards
  • Side mounted with RTB1005M or RTB1003S brackets (sold separately)

The 4009 series

Superior comfort and support make this the quintessential driver’s seat. Adjustable, removable back and base cushions allow hassle-free customization. The RT9009 provides a lightweight option at just 9.2kg due to its Kevlar/carbon construction.
  • Fibreglass shell construction with a glossy gel-coat in a range of colours
  • Grey suede wear patches at the shoulder
  • Suitable for road or competition use
  • FIA homologated to 8855-1999 standards
  • Side mounted with RTB1009M brackets (sold separately)

About Racetech
We’re proud to say that we are world-renowned for our Racetech race seats. Our composite and carbon fiber race seats are fitted to thousands of race cars – touring cars, rally cars, drift, drag and speedway cars – all over the world, as well as many race boats and other sport seat applications. Most seats are available from well-known race part dealers, as well as race prep suppliers and roll cage fabricators.

You can see Racetech equipped cars in NHRA and ADRL drag racing, Grand Am Road Race Series, SCCA Pro and club level racing, NASA racing, Rally America cars, Lucas Oil Off Road Race Trucks, USAC Midgets, World of Outlaws Sprint Cars, and Offshore Race Boats around the world.

The sale and support of our comprehensive range of Racetech race seats forms the heart of our business, but we also distribute and sell numerous other top brand race products.

Racetech NA was established in 2003. Racetech Manufacturing in New Zealand decided to expand the distribution network to the USA after being approached by Dodge Motorsport engineers. The engineers needed a full containment race seat worthy of the Dodge Viper Competition Coupe.

You’ll find Racetech personnel won’t hesitate to ‘tell it like it is’ and provide concise facts about any of our products. Racetech helps set the safety standards, then deliver the right products.