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Originally Posted by mrmomo313 View Post
if you do get an x6 i suggest the M, then tune it and i'm sure you will not loathe that day one bit
For the money an M X6 costs, there are a plethora of other cars I'd rather have and that are actually worth the high price tag.

Originally Posted by doug_999 View Post
No turbo lag here - except occasionally when slowing for a corner and then getting on it. I think the trans holds a gear or three too high. But off the line the X6 50i snaps with basically zero lag (I would say that it is a bit difficult to modulate the throttle - either snapping or going like a snapping turtle ).

PS - While I don't loathe the X6, especially with winter coming up, turns out, I am not a truck guy and can't wait to get back into a car for a daily driver.
Agree with you here. Very similar experience. Maybe it is the tranny and not so much the turbo. Can't say for sure. I have the 2012 35i. I'm definitely not a truck guy either. Can't wait to jump on the M4 when it is available. By then, my daughter will be old enough to deal with sitting in the back of a coupe

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