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Originally Posted by KANdaddy View Post
Will all these fancy parts and extra $$ cure the hideous turbo lag and feeling that you are driving a yacht? I loath the day I decided to get my X6.
I had a 2010 X6 35i with the N54 twin turbo engine, before they went to the N55 w/single twin-scroll turbo.

I never felt any lag in that car, at all. It was quick for its size running an I-6. Although on test driving both the 740li and the 750li earlier in the year, I noticed some really bad turbo lag in the 750li. The 740li (N55 engine) was willing to go.

So I am going to assume you have the X6 50i then? Sorry you loath the day you decided to get it. Try the 35i and you'll see, there's virtually no turbo lag.

In the X6's defense, I think that turbo lag is there with this twin turbo V8 that's used in the 5, 6, 7, X5, and X6 series cars in the US. I definitely didn't like it.

Or yeah, get an X6M.

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