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Mitch P.

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Sport mode vs normal - am I imagining things?

OK so I know, as an engineer, that I am opening myself up to ridicule here. I realize that sport mode for auto transmissions doesn't really do much more than change shift points to hold on to revs more, as well as make throttle inputs more sensitive....but on my '11 X535d I swear that it feels like it almost allows additional boost at ALL throttle positions - including WOT.

Now what I mean is this. Any vehicle, regardless of throttle position, should accelerate at the same rate when at WOT, but it really does feel stronger in S mode at WOT. At partial throttle I would expect this, but I did not expect this even at WOT. Am I crazy?

Before anyone asks, and I should have done this myself...I did not measure the times 0-Xmph at WOT at both normal trans settings, and S. Thus I think I just ridiculed myself
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