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Unhappy BMW X6 M Explodes Into Fire While Being Driven by UFC Manager

BMW X6 M Explodes Into Fire While Being Driven by UFC Manager

UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) star Randy Couture's manager narrowly escaped a mysterious explosion of his BMW X6 M.

The reason behind the explosion has yet to be determined, but as Courture's manager Sam Spira tells the story, he was driving to a friend's house several days ago when "without any warning, my BMW X6M burst into flames, exploded and was completely totaled."

Remains of the X6 M after firefighters extinguished the fire.

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He described the event as "a very loud bang while going about 10 miles an hour -- there was a speed bump that I slowed down for -- followed by an immediate giant engine malfunction light and flames coming out from the front and under the car." Seconds later, the car exploded and was engulfed in flames.

To make matters even more harrowing, his daughter was in the passenger seat and her door wouldn't open. Spira took action by grabbing his daughter and pulling her out from the driver's side, burning himself in the process.

Spira observed that had they been traveling down the highway when this happened, they would probably all be dead.

BMW has released the following statement on the incident (to Jalopnik):
The BMW Group is thankful that Mr. Spira and his daughter escaped serious harm in the unfortunate vehicle fire reported by TMZ on November 16th. BMW of North America has been in touch with the customer since November 9th and has been collecting information about the circumstances of the incident. BMW is eager to send engineers to inspect the customer's vehicle. That investigation has been scheduled with the customer's insurance company to take place later this month.

Video of the X6 M on fire.

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via TMZ and Jalopnik