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iDrive navi -- street names have disappeared! help!

I recently took delivery on a 2012 X5d after having a 2010 328xi for about 3 years. In the 328, I usually kept the navi map at 800ft magnification. From that magnification, I could see a lot of surrounding street names on the map -- not all, but quite a few. With my X5d, however, I see NO street names -- seriously none -- on the map at 800ft magnification. Street names appear on the map at 400ft magnification, but if I toggle back and forth from 200ft to 400ft some street names do not reappear, as if the screen is not redrawing the data properly. I also noticed that if I leave the navi on 400ft magnification and drive for a while such that the map moves to account for my new position, street names do not show up unless I toggle to 200ft and back.

All of this tells me that there is a software glitch. I called my SA who told me that he has never heard of this problem before, there is no software update, blah blah. Has anyone else experienced this? I am trying to determine whether this glitch is unique to my car, as if the navi software may need to be reinstalled, or if there is a bug that affects all X series cars of a similar production run. If it helps, my X5d has a 9/26/2012 production date.

Thanks in advance for your help!
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