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Conti DWS are great tires. They're a good value, and perform well under various conditions. One of the car mags did a comparison a few months ago, and the DWS came in first place for the wet performance test. I'll put them on my X5M when the Bridgestones wear out.

That said, the Duelers are not too shabby if you WANT to run RFT's. On my old Jeep SRT8, I got stuck with the Goodyear EMT's. On a vehicle without ride control, it was an absolutely jarring ride on an imperfect road surface. But that wasn't even the biggest concern. It came to light when I had a well-cared-for tire blow out while I was driving 60 mph. I ran my hand over the completely flat RFT and sliced my fingers on steel belts protruding on the inside corner. After a visit to the SRT board, I read that scores of people had the same experience. If they had produced them in larger quantities there would have been a class action filed by a lot of angry owners with ruined low mileage tires that cost $500+.

I went with Conti's and never looked back. My only regret was not converting on the first day. I bought a slime/compressor kit for the extra piece of mind.