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Originally Posted by Doubletree1304
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I have a 2007 X5 with the optional 20s. The tires are dunlop sportmaxx runflats. I really like the tire and seem to perform pretty well on such aheavy vehicle. Problem is they are 500 a piece. What other options have people tried with success on their X5 or X6? I would prefer a performance summer tire like this but am not really wanting runflats again particularly. I do drive in the snow at times 120 mile round trip to work. Did this last year on the dunlops with not too much issue. Any suggestions would help. Did try and PM ben but doesn't take them.
how was it ?
I mean when you drive in the snow with dunlops 20s-
what do you think ? Is that OK to drive in the snow with dunlops 20s?
Don't do it! I got caught in that Halloween snow storm last yr as I didn't swap rims for the winter yet. I had a tough time changing lanes on highway, and was never happier to drive behind an 18-wheeler going below speed limit lol.