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Call me stubborn, but since I used to build engines and race cars, anything is possible. Maybe I should have kept my e92 M3, but I wanted an SUV anyways.

I read the PDF you supplied me and it gives a good explanation of everything. I'm only replacing the piping and muffler after the SCR catalyst, so it should be fine. The muffler isn't explained much at all, but in parenthesizes, it says silencer. Yes, usually a muffler does reduce some exhaust gases, but since our D has so much technology before the muffler, removing it, or changing it to a high flow will be fine. If anything, I'm just looking for a little more noise, and if not, bigger piping for a little more hp/tq.

I ordered the JBD, so we'll see how that goes when I get it.

NRG, you are correct. The radiator on the left hand side is an aux radiator. BMW should have just added a bigger muffler instead of 2 in the first place.

The IC is the one you see when you look directly into the main grill at the bottom. Seems like there is still more room in there, so a taller and/or longer one should go into that area.
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