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Originally Posted by supra_stan View Post
I see a few posts for touting the Toyo Proxies. I may not need the all season features here in Houston. Any comments by those running tires other than the Dunlops on the 20" staggered rims??
I was looking at the Toyos, but a few were commenting a humming noise at low speed. I can tell you that the Contis are quiet, almost too quiet like my F10. The noise level went from a scale of 10 to nearly 1, comparably speaking.

I sure hope Continental send me free tires for all these posts.

Here are the Contis' pros:
1. You can rotate the wheels, left to right since the treads are assymetic = Longer tire life.
2. Quiet at all speed to my experience and others who have them installed.
3. Made for luxury vehicles so you can expect the quality and confort

As for All-Season tires and Houston, it doesn't matter if Houston doesn't snow. You can use All-Seasons even if you don't have 4 seasons. Houston temp can sometimes drop below 45 as we saw a couple years ago, where you really wish you had all-season rubber. Summer/Wet tires will not grip as well on colder days.