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Thanks for the review. I negotiated a tire swap from the Dunlop RFTs when I bought mine. However, the dealer did not have any in stock but did say he would order me a set and they would swap them for me (For an additional $140 they are taking my $2K Dunlop RFTs & installing $1K worth of DWSs on my new X5 35d....) so your review helps me in confirming that it may be well worth it to give up those extra $'s. I did this because my primary reason for buying this vehicle is to use it as a snow-covered mountain climber for the ski season

However, I do have a question for you... Where did you get your space saver spare kit from and how much did you pay? The dealer is saying that they have to "piece it together" as there (apparently) is no single BMW part number for the kit. I have seen them available on eBay for around $285 but also heard that the dealers price will likely be around $380 but they haven't (yet) given me a price for parting it together.

Thanks in advance for your additional details,